1. Create a Campaign
Sign into your advertising account and click on “New Campaign” to create a campaign. Provide information about your product or service to promote, your target audience, and your campaign budget range. For more information on what to include in your Campaign Details we recommend reading this article.
2. Find Podcasts
After you publish your campaign, the campaign will be sent to the Podbean advertising team for review. During this time you may browse podcasts, review suggested podcasts (based on your keywords), and invite your favorite podcasters to your campaign (they will receive the invitation as soon as you are approved).You can learn more about how to find podcasts that best suit your brand here
After your campaign is approved, it is open to podcasters. You will receive proposals from podcasters who feel your ad campaign is a good fit for their podcast. You may listen to the podcasts, review the download statistics and podcast information.For more information on proposals please review this article.
3: Reach Agreements
Simply click “Select” to start working with a particular podcast. This will develop an agreement and pre-authorize your payment via Stripe. Funds will only be released once you’ve approved the episodes.For more information on payments please view this article.

4: Execute Campaign
Click “manage” to: use our secure messaging system to work out details with the podcaster (coupon codes, ads copy, timeframe, etc.) and communicate as needed throughout the campaign. Podcasters will post their published episodes there so that you can review and approve them. The agreed upon payment will be charged to your credit card when you approve the episode.