With Podbean’s PodAds, advertising on podcasts is as easy as following these three steps:

Create a campaign 
Sign into (or create) your advertising account and click on “Create Campaign” to create a campaign. Set the basic information for your campaign: name, description, start date, budget, etc. Select categories and geographies. Pick ad slots and set CPM; upload ad files.

2. Select podcasts
Based on your campaign settings, the system adds a number of podcasts to your podcast list. You may review these podcasts, select, delete or add new podcasts to the list.

3. Authorize your payment and run the campaign
 After you authorize your payment, your campaign will be submitted to our advertising tech for review. Once you hit approve, the campaign will begin running within 24 hours of your start date.

Managing and analyzing your PodAds campaign:

You can review your campaign’s results as it progresses: view impressions and amount spent. You can also remove specific podcasts from a campaign and pause or cancel campaigns.