Podbean’s Podcast Advertising Marketplace is a free, simple way to earn money through sponsorship on your podcast.

1: Browse Ad Campaigns
Log into our advertising account; you will see all the ad campaigns on the ad opportunities page. You can click on the ad campaign name to view detailed information. You may also receive invitations from businesses that would like to advertise on your podcast.
2: Send Your Proposal
Send the advertiser a proposal if you think your podcast is a great fit for the brand. You can fill in the # of episodes (this is the # of episodes which you plan to publish with the ads within the campaign duration), price per episode and your “pitch” (information about why you want to work with them, why your podcast is a great fit, and the value you can offer).

For more information on how to submit a proposal please check out this article.
3: Reach An Agreement
If a brand wants to advertise on your podcast, they will accept your proposal. This will develop an agreement based on your proposal.You will be notified once your proposal is accepted by the brand. 
4: Execute Campaign
Use our secure messaging system to work out details with the advertisers and communicate as needed throughout the campaign. You will need to create the ads and place them in your episodes according to the agreement. Then, click on the “Add Published Episode” button on the campaign details page to submit the published episode to the advertiser for approval.

Don’t know how to submit an episode?  Click here!

5: Receive payment
The advertiser will review and approve your published episodes. Once your episode is approved, the funds will be released to your credit card (example: You agree to run ads on five episodes at $100/episode. You publish episode #1, the advertiser reviews and approves it. You receive $82--$100 minus the $18 Podbean fee--immediately upon approval. Each $82 episode fee will be paid out to you as soon as each episode is approved.) 

For more information on payments please view this article.