The more information you can provide in your campaign details the more proposals you will receive and those proposals will be a better fit for your brand.

Campaign Name
Make your campaign name short and informative, typically with the brand name and maybe the type of product/service (i.e. Podbean Podcast Hosting).
Campaign Details
Describe what your organization or product is. Make sure to include the URL for the specific product/service you are advertising. Explain any details about your campaign, such as its target audience and the placement of your ads, as well as any useful information the podcasters should know. Why are your advertising? What do you want to communicate? Who uses/can benefit from your product/service?


This is the time range you are planning to run your ads campaign.
Submission Deadline
This is the last date you will accept new proposals from podcasters.
Campaign Budget
This is the range you are looking to spend on your advertising campaign. This gives podcasts an idea of what they may be able to offer you and if/how they can fit into your budget.
Podcast Category
Select which podcast categories you think are a fit for your brand. If you aren’t sure or want a wide variety, you can select “all”.
The keywords help us match you with the best podcasts. Keywords can be related to your target audience’s interests and behaviors or your product/service.