Once you have found a sponsorship that seems right for your podcast, take the opportunity to submit a proposal in a timely manner.

Your Proposal will include:

  • Price per Episode *: This is the compensation that you would like to receive from the brand for each episode.
  • Number of Episodes : This is the number of episodes you’d like to include in the ads campaign.
  • Ad Positions: You designate the slots available for ads (pre, mid and post roll).
  • Proposal Details:  Outline why you want to work with them and why your podcast is a great fit. Explain what you will offer if you are selected. You may also include a plan for how the brand will be featured (to be competitive you should consider adding extra value beyond the podcast spots, such as links on your site and social media promotion).

*Price per episode allows you flexibility to determine a price for the entire promotion package you have to offer. Please note that advertisers will be able to sort by “Best CPM” and view your download numbers so you should consider your price in relation to downloads to be competitive (CPM is most commonly used by advertisers to evaluate pricing). A $10-25 CPM is highly competitive; $25-40 is common if you offer a lot of added value and a targeted audience; $40-50 and higher is sometimes seen for highly targeted audiences, well-known shows/names or very comprehensive ad packages.

CPM=Cost per mille (1,000 impressions). Impressions=# of downloads x slots (total impressions for the campaign is this number x # of episodes)