Anyone who subscribes to your podcast will have a free Podbean account. They will receive an email including their Podbean username(or email address) and password. The advantage of having Podbean account is that if they forget their password they can retrieve it by clicking "Forget Password" at Our system will send them a temporary password and they can then change their password when they login. The other advantage is that when your subscribers use Podbean’s iPhone/Android App to watch/listen to your podcasts, all the premium content is available to them there.

There are two ways for your subscribers to watch/listen to the premium content.

1. They can use their information to login to their Podbean account. They will find all the premium content they subscribed to in their dashboard in the“Podcasts I followed” tab. This way they don't have to enter their username(email address) and password every time they watch/listen to your premium content.

2. They can also use the same username(email address) and password to watch/listen to your premium content on your site.