Your campaign details help podcasters know if their show is a good fit for your campaign and what/how you wish to promote. Describe what your organization or product is. Explain any details about your campaign, such as its target audience and the placement of your ads, as well as any useful information the podcasters should know. Here is a good example of an advertiser’s campaign details:

Podbean offers podcast hosting and management for a wide range of podcasters. We’d like to advertise our hosting services to current/aspiring podcasters and other content creators (bloggers, social media experts, etc.) who might consider podcasting. Our target audience is worldwide. Shows on podcasting, social media, blogging, entrepreneurship and technology could be a fit. We’ll provide a direct response URL personalized for your show, for your listeners to get a free trial. We prefer to minimally run pre and post roll ads, but will give preference to shows who also offer a mid-roll slot. We require that you share a link on your website or show notes and we’d love if you provide a plan for promoting on social media/to your community in other ways.

A poor example for the same advertiser would be:

Podbean is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting. Everything you need. No technology to learn.