Podbean’s statistics platform allows you to filter out spam IPs from your statistics when needed. However, before you proceed to do so, read the following information:

There are a number of reasons why a podcast might get high hits from one IP. Some bots fetch your podcast repeatedly (for example, we notice some podcast directory websites repeatedly fetch our users’ podcasts.). Additionally, some people are using an app with a bug resulting in the persistent fetching of your podcast or might be using a VPN/proxy IP to fetch your podcast. Podbean automatically filters out duplicate hits from one IP in a short time period, so normally you don’t have to worry about manually blocking IPs. However, if you still feel you have a spam IP impacting your stats, read below for instructions to report and block spam IPs.

Go to the list of episode downloads (Statistics->Trending) or feed hits (Statistics->Feed Hits) and scroll down for the list of IPs. Click the “Report Spam” button. Now, an icon (blue circle with an exclamation mark) will appear next to each IP. Click on that icon next to the corresponding IP; you will see that IP disappears from your statistics. The IP will now be blocked so it is no longer included in your statistics.

If you have any questions, contact us at support.podbean.com.