There are 3 steps to set up your custom podcast apps:

  1.  Submit the app name and app icon to Podbean.                                        
     (App icon size:  1024x1024 pixels, less than 1MB.)

  2.  Publish the app to the Apple App Store.

  3.  Publish the app to Google Play.

We explain each step in details below:

Step 1: Submit app title,  app logo and app start page image in your Podbean account.

1.1. Log into, click “White Label Apps” on left sidebar,  then click the “settings” icon on the right.

Podbean will start to develop your custom apps after you submit this app info.

Step 2:  Publish the iOS app to the Apple App Store.  

2.1. Enroll in the Apple developer program at:

You can choose to enroll as an individual or enroll as an organization.  

The individual account does not have user management capability.  You will need to share the account login information with Podbean to allow our developers to complete all the technical steps for you in your account.

If you enroll as an organization,  please invite as an Admin.  See how to invite an admin here.

2.2.The iOS app needs to be signed with an Apple certificate. You may either ask our developer to generate a new certificate or you can send us a .p12 file for an existing certificate.

2.3. Once your iOS App is ready, you can click on "settings" icon on the right and download the .ipa file and get the Bundle ID in Step 3. 

2.4.  You can follow the Apple instructions here to submit our App to iTunes Connect (Apple App Store).

Step 3:  Publish your Google app to the Google Play Store.

3.1.Follow the Google instructions to create a Google Play developer account. 

3.2. Click on the “Settings” icon. Download your Android App .apk file and get the Package Name in Step 2.

3.3. Follow the Google instructions here to publish your Android App in Google Play.