Statistics help you understand your podcast audience and gauge how your podcast is performing. But, what do these stats mean? How can you use them to improve your podcast, grow your audience, and build your brand?

Here are four key statistics and the secrets they have to share with you. Podbean’s enhanced statistics platform, free with all paid accounts, shows you all of this data in an easy-to-read format.

1. Total downloads 
This is the “big picture” of the popularity of your podcast, as well as how it is growing or trending over time. Under “trending” you can select any period of time and view specific episodes’ downloads.

2. Most popular episodes
Check out your top episodes for ideas about the type of content your listeners prefer. You can get new show ideas from this and offer similar content to potentially grow your podcast.

3. Geography
It helps to know where your listeners are located. This can help you to include relevant information as it applies to those listeners, and build a sense of community by including/thanking listeners from different parts of the globe or target other services/enterprises to them. Sponsors also need to know geo data to find out if your podcast is a good fit for who they wish to target (same goes for other potential enterprises you might do in relation to your podcast/brand).

4. Client software/platform
As you make decisions about your podcast and ensure it is usable for the majority of your listeners, it helps to know what software and platforms they are using. If technical issues come up, you’ll have a better idea of who it’s affecting. Sponsors also sometimes want this information...if for example, they want to target iphone or Mac users only. If you podcast about technology, this is of course vital information as well.