If you're looking for a way to sell your audio or, video podcasts, we recommend the premium podcast feature of Podbean for you. Premium podcasts are podcasts you can sell on your Podbean site. With this feature, you can create subscription plans and then publish premium podcasts for your customers who have bought and subscribed to your premium plans. The following is a guide for you to create a premium podcast step-by-step:

Step 1. Activate the Premium Podcast Service in Podbean
Log in to your account and go to 'Premium'-> 'Premium Settings'. Connect with Stripe and fill in the premium content information, title, description,etc, and click the "Save Changes" button.

Step 2. Add Premium Plans
Go to the 'Premium'-> 'Premium Plans' page and choose to add a subscription plan .
If you want to create a plan covering multiple episode, you can add a subscription plan(recurring payment or single payment for a season pass.) 

Step 3.  Publish premium episodes.

Go to the 'Publish'-> 'Episodes' page, click the 'Publish New Episode" button and upload a media file or select one from the account. Then enter the title and description on the edit page. If you then scroll down the page and check the 'Premium' option, you can choose Premium Subscription or Sell single episode.  Choose one and click the 'Publish' button.

After publishing, you will see a 'Subscribe to premium content now' link under your premium episode, click the link and it will list all the premium plans that your audiences can buy to subscribe to your premium content.

After your customers subscribe to your plan, they will receive a confirmation email leading them to the subscription page.

You can also add the premium widgets on your page so that people can buy the product directly from your site.

Update:Paypal Account is only used for recurring subscribers previously set up via Paypal. Payment for new content/users will be via Stripe.