Podbean’s Premium Podcast option allows you to sell your audio or video podcasts. The following is a guide for you to create a premium podcast step-by-step:

Step 1. Create a premium channel in your account.

Log in to your account and navigate to the "Profile" page from the top right drop-down menu. 

Go to 'Premium'-> 'Premium Channels'. Click “+Premium Channels” and enter the URL you want for your premium channel.

Step 2. Complete the settings for the premium channel.

Click Manage and go to your premium channel dashboard-> Premium-> Settings. Fill in the premium podcast title, brief description, podcast category, and podcast logo.

You also need to set the premium price for your premium channel in Premium-> Settings-> Premium Info. The price is a one-time payment for any content you put within this channel. A channel can be regularly posted content, an archive of several episodes, or a single episode. Set your price according to the value and amount of content this channel will include. You can also set the status of your premium podcast there in “Podcast Status”. The status will be either “ongoing” for channels that will have continued content, or “complete” if all the content has already been published.

You can set copyright, timezone, episode order and language in Premium-> Settings-> More Options.

Step 3.  Publish premium episodes.

Go to 'Episodes' -> 'Episode list' page, click the 'New Episode" button and upload a media file or select one from the account. Then enter the title and description on the edit page. Then click the 'Publish' button.

After publishing, all the premium episodes will show on your premium channel site. Listeners need to download and use the Podbean App to buy premium podcast content.