With Podbean’s ads marketplace, advertising on podcasts is as easy as following these steps:


Let's start with a click on the button Create Campaign.

1. Fill in the basic information for the campaign. Here, you can target your ideal listeners by setting preferred podcast categories, and targeted geographies (down to the city level). You can set a campaign budget cap, CPM (cost per mille, i.e. advertising rate), frequency cap (how many times a unique user will listen to your ad in a time period), and campaign start and end date (campaigns can also be paused or stopped at any time).

2. Next, select the podcasts for your campaign. Enter the keywords  (newly added, input 3-10 keywords), podcasts that best match the keywords, category, and geo will be listed on the top and marked as “Recommended”. The list may contain additional podcasts for you to review and invite as well.

3. Clicks on “Save and Continue” and the campaign will be created. You will need to authorize your payment method. After authorizing, the campaign will be “under review” by the Podbean team. Typically, your campaign will be up and running within 24 hours.

Advertisers can “manage campaigns” to add more podcasts, add budget, pause/stop the campaign, and view the detailed results of ad impressions served.