With Podbean’s ads marketplace, advertising on podcasts is as easy as following these steps:

1. Set the basic information for your campaign. You can fill in your campaign name, description and service/product URL.

2. Select your targeted podcast categories and GEO. You can choose podcast categories to focus your podcast advertising on customer interests and run your worldwide or in target areas. You can also enter keywords for your preferred podcasts. This helps us find the best podcasts to match your campaign.

3.  Select ads positions and upload ad audio files. You can pick where your ad gets inserted: pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll and upload your ads audio files. Or simply input what you want to promote and the text you’d like to be read in the ad. Podbean will have a professional voice artist to record the ad.

4. Set the daily budget, start date, etc. The ads will be removed when the daily cost reaches your daily cap.

5. Authorize Ads Payment. You will need to authorize your payment when you create your first campaign. We will not charge you until your campaign starts to run. After you authorize your payment, your campaign will be submitted to our advertising team for review. After your campaign is approved, it will begin running within 24 hours of your start date.