Create a premium plan with recurring payments or a one-time payment. To create premium plans for your podcast, you should activate the premium feature first

Step 1. From the podcast dashboard, go to the "Premium"->"Premium Plans" tab and then click "Add a new plan" under the "Add Subscription Plan".

Step 2. You can set it to be a recurring plan/payment (such as monthly) or a one-time payment (Season Pass) plan with a fixed start and end date.


Step 3. If you wish to create a recurring plan, you can set the billing cycle for whatever length you want in days, weeks or months. Name the plan and choose your price.

You also set up a flexible free or discounted trial period for your paid subscribers. It can be a couple days, weeks or even months. Click the ”Set Trial Period" to set the trial setting.

Step 4. Click the 'Submit' button and the bottom of this page and you'll see the update success message.

When you publish episodes, you will choose “free” or “premium” in the editor. When you choose “premium” you will have the option to charge a fee for the single episode or add it to one of our premium subscription plans.

Though listeners cannot purchase premium content in the Podbean app, they can listen to it there if they are logged in with their corresponding login information that they used to purchase the content.

Note: If you wish for some paid content to be available to subscribers as well as for separate purchases, please post the file twice choosing each corresponding option. For the best results, please name the audio files with different names.

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