Podbean subdomain is a part of the podcast site URL; e.g., https://yoursubdomain.podbean.comIt is also used in your podcast feed. Changing your podcast site URL will also change your podcast feed URL.  

To change your Podbean Podcast URL,

  • Go to "Dashboard" -> " "Settings" -> "General" -> "More Options" -> "Podcast Site URL"

  • Enter your new subdomain and click the "Update Options" button.                 

Please be aware of the potential concerns before changing your username. Some of the effects of changing the subdomain include:

1. The old links of the embed podcast player will no longer function due to the URL change. If you use the embed feature to embed the podcast player on other websites, you may want to update the old embed link with the one. 


2. Images embedded elsewhere may not link properly due to the URL change. You may want to update the images with the new link. 


3. Your podcast feed URL changes. If your podcast is in iTunes, to update your podcast feed in iTunes, please refer to Change your RSS feed URL in Podcasts Connect.