You can easily upgrade your plan by clicking the "Upgrade" button in your Podbean dashboard. Alternatively, you can also upgrade your account in "My Account" page. You can also check the basic information of each upgrade plan before selecting the right one for you.

upgrade your account

* When you upgrade your account from a lower plan, the system will calculate the unused fee of the lower plan and apply it to the new plan.  You will only be charged the difference between the 2 plans. 

Renewing My Subscription/ Account 

Normally, if your primary payment method in Paypal/Stripe is valid then your account will be automatically renewed.*

Otherwise you can contact us and we'll create a special renew signup page for you to renew your account.

*If you wish to cancel your account and do not wish to be charged the renewal fee, make sure to cancel your subscription/contact us prior to the renewal date.