When we receive a copyright/intellectual property complaint from certain 3rd party entities* about a podcast on Podbean, we temporarily block the site from public view while the case is being resolved. The podcaster can still log in to his/her account and do any administrative tasks such as removing the content in question, but the content cannot be viewed by the public.

It is up to the podcast site owner to remove the disputed content or otherwise resolve the complaint. We immediately notify the podcaster and provide the details of the complaint and resolution process with the 3rd party. Podbean cannot provide legal support on such issues. Once Podbean receives documentation that the content has been removed or the issue has been resolved, we will restore the podcast site for public view. While the issue is pending, the podcaster can delete the specified episode(s) so we can restore their site.

*Podbean does not block content based on a complaint of alleged copyright violation by an individual. We refer to such issues for the parties involved to handle directly.