If you want to put your Crowdfunding badge to Facebook page as a tab, you may create a page first, then follow these instructions below.

1.Search "static html" in the Facebook search box and click on "Static HTML: iframe tabs" from the results.

2. Click on "Add static html to a page"

3. Select a Facebook page to add Static HTML: iframe tabs to. 

*Please note that Facebook changed its API and is no longer allowing Pages with fewer than 2k Likes to install custom tabs. 

If your Facebook Page currently has less than 2,000 followers, you may not be able to add it to your Facebook Page yet. You will see the following error during the install steps:

4. After you added the page tab, you will see a "Welcome" tab on your page. Click on "Edit tab" to embed your Crowdfunding badge.

5. Paste the Crowdfunding code to the html area. You can also edit the Tab name & image. Then, save and publish the tab.

You will see the Crowdfunding tab on your page like this.

When you embed the Crowdfunding badge,you may also introduce who you are, and tell your patrons why they should pledge to you. Talk about what you do and how you'll be using your Patrons' support to keep creating great content.