Meta tags are for special purposes, such as, Google webmaster owner verification. Normally, you don't need to add any meta tags.
If you need to add meta tags, please follow the steps to add your Meta Tags in your Podbean account.

1. Go to and find the free "SEO Meta Tags" app.

meta tag app in app market

2. Click “Get App” (select a podcast channel if you have multiple channels).

get seo meta tags app

3. In your Podbean admin, navigate to “Settings”-->”Apps”. (You will be redirected to this page when installing the app.)

seo meta tags app in account

4. Find the "SEO Meta Tags" app and click the “Settings” icon.

set seo meta tags app

5. In the pop-up window, add your meta tags, then click the "save changes" button.

custom meta tags