Congratulations on getting started with Podbean patron program! Here are some suggestions to improve your crowdfunding, from our experience. We’d suggest:

1. Setting multiple goals, starting with an obtainable goal. Setting some lower level goals allows your patrons to see successful progress. You can build excitement around reaching different goals for your show.

2. Offer several small level rewards (the best practice is to start with a $1 level). Pledges of $1-5 are most popular. Remember, these are monthly pledges. If you have 4,000 listeners and half of them pledge $1/month, you’ve already reached a $2000/month income stream!

3. Mention your crowdfunding program in each podcast episode and thank patrons who have donated. Fans usually need repeat messages before becoming patrons.

4. Add the crowdfunding badge to your site, so users can easily click to make a pledge. Login to your account-->click on "My Crowdfunding"-->click on "Badges".

We hope these tips help you on your way to creating an income stream!