Rewards are pre-set, suggested levels of monthly donations for your patrons, and corresponding perks they will receive. You can also set a limit to the amount of patrons.


Get as creative as you want with your rewards! Here are a few tips:

1. Start with a few low-level reward options (donations under $10 are most common), such as $1 and $5. For these, you may simply thank patrons or do a “shout out” on social media or your site. Patrons get access to “patrons-only comments” so you may want to mention this perk. It’s a good way to build your community and get feedback.


2. ?Consider virtual rewards, such as having a google hangout for people at a certain level or a special newsletter, Facebook group, etc. or giving them some sort of special access/input to your show.?

3. You can offer special content for patrons at certain levels, by using the premium content feature in Podbean.

4. If you have show merchandise, a book, an online course, etc., these are great rewards for those who give a bit more.

You can see more examples here.