For the premium podcast, you can charge for subscription-based content or for individual episodes (single track premium). With Podbean, premium options are totally customizable and you can charge what you want.

Charge for a single episode:

1. Activate the premium podcast feature in your account and set up the premium settings. Click here to view details.  

2.  Set the episode type as "sell single episode" when you publish an episode and set the price. (minimum fee is 50 cents per payment processor requirements).

After the episode is published, it will include the “Buy Single Episode Now” link for your listeners to purchase the episode. They can listen to the premium content on the website or in the Podbean App with the account info they used to purchase the premium content. 

Note: If you wish for some paid content to be available to subscribers as well as for separate purchasing, please post the file twice choosing each corresponding option. For best results, please name the audio files with different names.

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