Podbean's professional themes and many of the free templates allow you to customize various options, such as fonts and colors.
To make changes to your site, simply go to Layout->Themes in your Podbean dashboard and click on the “Custom” setting button of your current theme for the dropdown menu of choices (this is not available for all free themes). You will see the different areas you can customize, such as theme color, font color, font size and more. Simply click on the option you wish to change and choose a new color. The changes you can make include (some may not be applicable for all themes):

l  Theme Bg Color: background color for your site
l  Theme Color: this changes the color used throughout your site in various areas (pre-set fonts for sidebar items, some buttons, etc.)
l  Font Color: the color of the episode content font*
l  Link Color: the color of any hyperlinks on the site
l  Link Hover Color: the color that appears as you hover over/click on a particular link
l  Channel Title Color
l  Episode Title Color
l  Font Size: episode content’s text size*
l  Main Font: style of the episode content’s text*
l  Channel Title Font: style for the channel’s title
* this setting is the default; if you change the formatting directly in the episode editor (i.e. change the color or size of specific text), that formatting will apply
Hit “Submit” to save the changes. You can also hit “Reset” to restore the theme defaults.