Once your campaign starts to run, you will be able to view the ads stats in your account.

You can click on “Action”--> “View Stats” to view your campaign analytics as you go and see just how well it works!

View Ads Impressions

You will be able to view how and where your ads are served.

Set Up Unique URL and Get Tracking Stats

You can also set up a unique URL to direct podcast listeners to the ad. The system will generate a tracking code you can input on this page to get information on actions from the ads.

    1. Go to “Action”->” Tracking” on your campaign management page. Enter your unique URL (tracking URL) and click “Get Code”.


    2. Copy and paste the tracking code as the first item into the <HEAD> of the unique URL you set.


    3. You can then view the tracking stats as the campaign runs, through “Action”->” View Stats”->” Tracking Stats”.