Once your campaign starts to run, you will be able to view the ads stats in your account.

You can go to Manage Your Campaigns page and click on “Action”--> “View Stats” to view your campaign analytics as you go and see just how well it works!

View Ads Impressions

You will be able to view how and where your ads are served. Podbean provides detailed stats on impressions by date, podcast, area, source, and ad position.

Impressions by selected time period

Impressions by area and source

Detailed impressions by date

Detailed impressions by podcast

Ad Landing Page and Get Tracking Stats

You can ask podcast listeners to go to a landing page and embed a Podbean tracking pixel on the landing page to track the ad results. You can get the tracking pixel by following the step below:

    1. On your campaign management page, find the campaign that you want to track. Click the “Action” at the right end of the line of this campaign. Select the drop-down menu “Tracking”. Enter your landing page URL and click “Get Code”.


    2. Copy and paste the pixel code into your landing page between the <body> and </body>. 


    3. Click “Action”--> “View Stats” on your campaign management page. Select "Tracking Stats" from the side menu. You can view the tracking stats as the campaign runs. Podbean provides detailed stats by time period, area, and source. 

Clicks by selected time period

Clicks by area and source