The easiest way for you to check your bandwidth usage is to check in your "Media Manager" page.

If you're a metered bandwidth user, when your bandwidth usage reaches 75% of the monthly limit, an email notice will be sent to you. Another notice will then be sent to you when your bandwidth usage reaches 100% of your monthly limit. After receiving this notification you will then need to upgrade your account within 24 hours to avoid an interruption of your service, otherwise, your media files will be blocked preventing public access. If this should occur your blog and your account will still be active so that when you do upgrade to a paid account you can continue using the same service that you had prior without losing any stored data.

If you’re an unmetered bandwidth user, we must still ensure fair usage for all system users. E
xcessive bandwidth usage causes your account to draw system resources away from other users that share the server and consequently negatively affects their accounts. This breaches the fair use limit for personal level accounts which is set to ensure that all users receive a fair and equal service.

In order to restore a fair and equal service for the other users who share the servers and system resources, your account will be limited to use its fair share of system resources. This will result in slow performance at times when there are a large number of hits on your account. To avoid this happening, we recommend that you upgrade to a Podbean Business plan as soon as possible.