If your podcast is listed in the Podbean directory (many podcasts are included in the website and app directory from their public RSS feeds, giving you the opportunity to be discovered by more listeners) but you are not hosted on Podbean you can easily "claim ownership". This will allow you to participate in services like Podbean's crowdfunding and advertising if you choose to, and to get notifications for example when listeners comment on your podcast in our app.

1. Visit your Podbean podcast page (search your title if you do not know the link).

2. Click on "Claim ownership" on the left sidebar.

3. Create a free Podbean account with your email address (or login if you already have one).

4. Enter your RSS feed and click on continue. You will see a special code generated for you.

5. Add this special code in your latest episode description, then click the "Verify" button to get your podcast ownership verified (you can delete this code from the episode once your podcast is verified).

Now you are verified as the owner of the podcast! Please log into your Podbean account, then go to the "Following" page to view "Claimed Podcasts". You can learn more about our crowdfunding platform and advertising marketplace.