Podbean.com supports users' own html tags, thus html tags that you put in your post DO matter!

The most likely reason that your site's layout is messed up is because of the mismatched <div> tags. For example, you put an open <div> tag without a closing </div> tag, or vice versa. A quick fix of this problem could be temporarily removing your posts from your site one by one to check if your Podcast site looks normal after a certain post has been removed. If this fixes your layout problem, you know which post caused the problem. You can then check off the html edition by clicking the last icon on the edition section of a post and edit the problem post to fix any incorrect tags.

The second most likely reason is oversized images. If one of your images width is larger than the post display area, your site's layout will get messed up. This problem can be fixed by adding a specific width in the image tag, such as, <img src=”…..”, width=”200”> </img>