If you already have your podcasts on other podcasts hosting and want to move them to your Podbean site, you can move them by following these steps:

Step 1.  Select a Podbean plan that fits your needs and sign up for a Podbean account.

Step 2.  Import your current podcast posts into your Podbean account. See our FAQ about how to import podcasts here.

Step 3.  Make an announcement on your current podcast site and make a new post/podcast about your switch to Podbean. If possible, you should keep this announcement up for a month or so, this will help you get most of your current active users informed of the switch. Note that your new Podbean podcast feed url is http://subdomain.podbean.com/feed/.

Step 4. If your current podcast hosting service supports a "new feed" tag and 301 http redirection, check iTunes support article about how to update RSS feed URL in iTunes.