To upload files with FTP, you'll first need to download a FTP client. You can download the FTP client FileZilla here:, or choose another you prefer. Follow these steps to upload your file via FTP:

1. Activate FTP uploads in your Podbean account.

  • Go to the "Episodes"->"Media Manager" page in your Podbean account and click the "Ftp Upload" button. 

  • Once you've clicked the "Activate FTP Upload" button, you'll see your FTP server name, username and password. 

2. Connect your Podbean account with FTP.

Open your FileZilla, and enter the "Host" , "Username" and "Password" in to the boxes. The "Host" is the FTP server name in your Podbean account. Click "Quickconnect" button to connect them.

3. Upload your files to FTP.

Go to the Local Site box, choose the file you want to upload, then right click and select "Upload" in the pop-up window. Alternatively you can just drag the file in to the Remote Site box.

4. Import the file from the FTP client to your Podbean account.

  • After the files are uploaded in your FTP, Refresh the "Media Manager" page in your Podbean account and you'll see all the uploaded files.

  • Select the file and click the "Import" button to import to your Podbean account.