Step 1From your Podcast Dashboard, go to "Distribution"->"Podcast Website".


Step 2. Click the “Sidebar Widgets” under the “Actions” tab.



Step 3Click on the “Add Sidebar Widget” button. Then check the available widgets to be added to the left/right sidebar.


Step 4. Click the 'Setting' button to customize the widget.



Hereafter are the widgets you can embed on your Podbean podcast site sidebar:

* Search

Search allows a website visitor to search your entire Podbean website for a specific podcast.  

* Links

Links allow you to direct website traffic to websites of your choice. 

* Premium Content

If you’ve published any Podbean Premium Content, you can make that available here.

* Archives

Archives will show a list of all published content categorized by the “publish” month.  


* Podcasts I Follow

Podcasts I Follow shows what Podbean podcasts you follow.

* My Followers

My Followers reflects your followership for your podcast on the Podbean app and Podbean website.

* Mobile App Download

Mobile App Download gives your website visitors a direct link to download the Podbean App on iOS or Google Play so they can listen to your podcast.

* Text  (you can embed Twitter feed or any social widget with the Text widget)

Use the Text box to type custom messages for your sidebar. You can also insert HTML embeds here for website visitors to interact with such as social media feeds and more.