We’re glad to see you’ve created a crowdfunding program on Podbean.com. Here are four tips from experienced crowdfunders to help you succeed:

1. Make sure to mention your crowdfunding campaign early in every episode and thank patrons who have donated. Listeners typically become patrons after they hear the call for support message several times. In your podcast, you can ask users to support you and give them simple instructions on how to do so (click on the button on your site or in the Podbean app).

2. Place a crowdfunding badge on your site, so users can easily click to make a pledge (click on “badges” in your account). For a Podbean podcast site, you can use our “custom sidebar widget” to embed the code and position the widget in your desired location. For other sites, simply copy the html coding and input where appropriate.

3. Seek support from your direct network. Make sure to let your social media communities know about your campaign. Share your campaign with your social media network, professional network and friends. Those who know and like you will support you, and they give your campaign a good starting boost!

4. Encourage listeners to use the Podbean player app and mention your campaign in your show. This way, a listener using the app can click straight to your campaign from the app...the easiest possible way to give!

We hope that helps. We’ll be passing along other tips from experienced crowdfunders from time to time.