Get your wordpress login url.

For example ,the wordpress web address is then the Wordpress login url is

Login to your Podbean account. Go to Settings->Social Share and click on the “Connect to Wordpress” button. You will need to input your own Wordpress login url, username and password. You will need to click on “self-hosted” or “” to choose the appropriate type of site*.

*Self-hosted Wordpress websites support the embeddable podcast player and custom options such as described below. sites will display a simple play image in the post. When clicked, this opens a new page to play the episode.


Then, hit “submit”.

 You should see a success message at the top of your screen.

To customize posting options, click on the “edit” pencil icon for your connected Wordpress account to get the dropdown menu. Categories allows you to set it up so that the episodes automatically post in one (or more) categories within your Wordpress site (for example, your news or blog section). If you wish to post to more than one category, simply separate the names of the categories here with commas. You can also customize options for the look and feel on your site, such as player color, whether the download and share buttons are displayed, if the episode auto plays, and the video size (for video episodes). To see that everything is working, you can “Send Test Post” here.

Once you have the connection set up, simply publish a podcast episode as you normally do and the episode will now automatically post on your Wordpress site (there may be a few minutes delay for this to update).