1. Add premium plans.

First, you need to create premium plans which are similar to price plans. You can decide the way your customers pay for your premium contents, for example, they can pay for the premium content on a recurring date or for a fixed period, as well as a one time payment.

2. Publish premium products.

Then, you need to upload your files and set them as premium content and publish 
the premium file as a post. A paid subscription link will be automatically generated for each premium post allowing your users to click on the link to go to the subscription page.

3. Subscribe to premium plans.

For the customer, the premium subscription page will look similar to the following picture.

The premium plans information that you created will now be displayed for the customer to view and he or she can now pay for premium plans via Stripe with credit card. A customer just needs to click on the 'Buy Now' button and he or she will then see a pop-up window to pay via Stripe with credit card. 

4. Paid subscription confirmation message.

After a customer makes a payment via Stripe, a confirmation email with access information will be sent to them. There will be a link 
n the email where the customer can click to access the premium contents they buy. The email also includes a log in email (the Stripe email customer used to buy the premium plans) and a password for the customer to access the premium content.

Podcaster will then receive payment information. Each payment transaction will be shown in your 'Premium'->"Transactions" page as the screenshot shows: