The static front page option allows a user to set a specific page to be the home page of their podcast site. So, rather than visiting your site and seeing a list of latest episodes (also called posts), the visitor can be presented with the page of your choosing. For example, your podcast site’s home page could be a general introductory page or attractive landing page.

Before proceeding, make sure you have first created a page to use as the static front page:

1. To create a page, simply go to "Layout"->"Pages" in your dashboard. Click the "Create a new page" button.

Then go to :

2. Get the “Static Podcast Homepage” app.

  static podcast homepage

3. Click the “Setting” icon to select a page as “Home Page”.  Optionally,  you can select a page to display the list of episodes.Then Click "Save changes".

static podcast homepage settings

select static page