Podbean offers an easy way to sell and share your premium content. This service is included with all Podbean unlimited and above plans. It is simple to set up, and publishing premium content is done the same way as all other content (it’s just a matter of one click to designate the episode as free or premium).

With Podbean’s Premium options, you can:

1.Sell premium content subscriptions*:  users pay to access all premium episodes of your podcast. You can sell subscriptions with two payment options: recurring or one-time payment (known as a Season Pass in Podbean).

a.Recurring Payment:  You can create weekly, monthly or annual recurring subscriptions. Users can access your associated premium content as long as they keep their subscription valid (the payment is charged on a recurring basis until they cancel).

b.Season Pass:  You can create a one-time payment option to cover various periods, such as three months, six months or one year.  Users can access your associated premium podcast content during the period that the Season Pass covers.

Crete Premium product

2.Sell single premium episodes:  users pay the fee you designate to access a particular premium episode (sometimes referred to as a bonus episode).  A bonus episode can only be accessed by the users who paid for that particular episode.

Single premium bonus episode

*Here’s more about how to set up premium subscription plans.

To learn more about creating premium content on Podbean, read our Premium Podcast User Guide.