Here are two ways to share your Podbean podcast on YouTube: 


1. Auto-share your Podbean podcast on YouTube

2. Publish/Share your episodes to YouTube manually

3. View video stats on YouTube

Auto-share your Podbean podcast on YouTube

1. From your Podcast Dashboard, go to "Distribution“ --> “Social Share”. 


2. Connect to YouTube. A pop-up window will show up, click the “Connect YouTube account” if you want to auto-share your podcasts on YouTube.


Then log in to your Google account and give permission to YouTube, click “allow”.


3. When you publish a podcast episode, you will now have YouTube included in the “share” section. Your episode will be shared to the networks you have connected. You can click any of these to turn them off if you do not wish that episode to be shared to a particular social network. 



The YouTube video title will be your Podbean episode title. Your show logo will be the static image for audio files.

To set the YouTube video details, you can fill in the details in the YouTube Video Settings under the “share” section.




YouTube Limits

Due to YouTube API daily limits, we have to put limits on auto-sharing to Youtube to fairly distribute resources. Therefore the following will apply:

Unlimited Audio Plan accounts: can auto-share 1 episode to YouTube per 7 days.

Unlimited Plus and Business accounts: can auto-share 1 episode to YouTube per 24 hours.


You can click the “Share and Embed” button on the right side of the episode title to check the auto share status. If your episode is failed to be shared to YouTube, please click the "Get YouTube Video" link to download the video for your audio episode and manually upload it to YouTube.



*Please note, for content over 15 minutes in length, YouTube requires verification. You will see a note in your Podbean account, simply click the link and follow YouTube’s steps. 


If you have previously published the file to YouTube, they will block it from being published again (and you will get an email to this effect).

Please view more on YouTube.

Publish/Share your episodes to YouTube manually

Podbean creates a static video for your podcast episodes, with your podcast artwork and episode title and the audio of your episode, that you can share to Youtube and other platforms. For detailed information, please click here

View video stats on YouTube

Podbean will not crawl, store or display your YouTube statistics. To view your YouTube statistics, please login to your YouTube account, go to YouTube Studio > Analytics to view your channel analytics, or go to "Videos" under the YouTube Studio dashboard to view the stats for a specific video.