You can follow the steps hereafter to setup your iOS white label podcast app: 

Log into, click “White Label Apps” on left sidebar,  then click the “settings” icon on the right.

Once in iOS App setup page,  there are 4 steps:

Step 1 : Submit app name and app icon

Step 2 : Select an option to publish your iOS app. You have 2 options to submit your iOS app. 

Option 1 : Publish the iOS App as a custom B2B app for our organization. You may check what is custom B2B App here.

(You need to know how to release and manage the B2B app in App store.)

Option 2 : Podbean publish the iOS App to Apple App store.

Step 3: Enter SSO Test account.

Step 4: Enter Apple IDs for TestFlight Beta Test.

Once you finish above 4 steps,  Podbean will start to develop your iOS white label app.