Your Spotify downloads are included in your regular Podbean statistics, like with other podcast apps and sites. You can view sources of downloads, such as Spotify, under “Download Sources” (also called user agents).

Podbean was selected to be part of Spotify’s passthrough program, which means your content is fed to Spotify via your RSS feed much like most podcatchers. The benefits of are: your content is fetched directly from your RSS feed, your stats reflect the activity on Spotify so you can easily get the whole picture, and any dynamic ads served up on your podcast will play to Spotify listeners.

Spotify for Podcasters Analytics

Spotify also provides direct access to their Spotify-specific performance statistics. Read our blog post for the steps to verify your show and access analytics in Spotify for Creators.

Want to get your podcast on Spotify? Here’s the process for submitting your podcast to Spotify via Podbean.