Organic promotion and social sharing are vital to podcasting success. Podbean makes sharing to social networks and WordPress super easy!

In keeping with this, we’ve just upgraded our share and embed feature. You’ll now find the embed option integrated with the “share” button under any podcast episode (or under the podcast logo for sharing the channel).

When you click “share”, you’ll get a pop up with options to share to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Tumblr and more.

Toggle to “embed” to get embeddable player options. Click on “more options” to customize players: you can change the player color and turn auto play on or off. Choose a small or large player to best fit your needs. Then, simply copy the iframe embed code.

To easily embed your podcast on WordPress, first install the plugin on your WordPress site (click “Get the Plugin”). Then, click “Wordpress Code” to get a special short code for the embeddable player.

Sharing great content is easier than ever with Podbean!