Note that according to Google, the Google Podcasts will be going away next year(2024).

Here's how to upload your podcast to Google Podcasts using Podbean.

1. Please submit your Podbean site to Google search indexing here.

Note: Please Fill in your podcast URL (for example, in the URL prefix field.

2. Click the option of "HTML tag" on Google link.

3. Go to your Podbean dashboard> Settings> Plugins, install the plugin "SEO Meta Tags".

4. Copy the HTML tag provided on Google link.

5. Paste the HTML tag in the Podbean plugin. Then back to the Google link and click VERIFY.

6. Wait for Google to index your RSS feed. If you follow all these steps it can take a few days for Google to index your RSS feed, though we've seen podcasts get added in a couple of hours.

7. Once Google has added your site into the search index, you can visit here to generate a direct link to your podcast in the Google app or preview how your podcast will look in Google search results.

Here’s more information on Google’s requirements, plus tools and information on how you can make sure your feed is indexed or register if it is not showing up currently. We have made updates to all Podbean sites so they meet the requirements.

*For your reference, you can get your podcast feed by going to “Settings”→Feed” and copying “Your RSS feed” (we’ve updated the formatting to ensure they fit with Google’s requirements).