Podbean provides an “insert your own (dynamic) ads” function. This is for podcasters who have already secured ads and need a technical platform to dynamically insert the ads into their podcasts*.  

The “insert your own ads” function is available in Podbean Unlimited Plus or Business Level Plan accounts.  With this function, you can run your own ad campaigns to your specifications.  An ad can be inserted to all your episodes or specific ones you select. Campaigns with different geo targeting can share the same ad spot, so you can run multiple ads for different geographies simultaneously to maximize your revenue.  

*If you are interested in finding advertisers via our programmatic ads marketplace, please join the Podbean Ads Marketplace. The system will match advertisers to your podcast and dynamically insert the matched ads into your podcast. 

To run your own dynamic ads campaign:

  1. Set your ad slots. You can individually set pre, mid and post roll slots for episodes or batch add a time. Pre and post roll slots will be before and after your content by default. 

    You can also set ad slots when you publish episodes.

  2. Create a campaign. Name your campaign, add the start date, pick geographies if relevant, pick slots and upload ad files. Pick which podcast the campaign is for, if you run multiple podcasts.

    3. Manage campaign. Your campaign will start running on your specified start date. Cancel/end your campaign at any time (stats will remain available to review). View stats to check campaign results.

    If you have any questions or need help, contact our Support team anytime.