Podbean podcast user retention gives you a picture of listener loyalty in the Podbean app. This chart shows the number of listeners each week and the percentage retained, over the most recent seven weeks. 

Here’s how to view your podcast downloads by the time of day:


From your podcast dashboard, go to "Statistics"->"Overview" page, scroll down the page to view “USER RETENTION”. Hover over one week to view the user number and retention rate. 

Here are more details to understand user retention:

According to the provided screenshot, in Week 1 (Nov 26 - Dec 02), your podcast had 11 listeners. Moving to Week 3 (Dec 10 - Dec 16) from the initial period of Nov 26 - Dec 02, it was observed that out of the 11 listeners, only 4 played your podcast, resulting in a retention rate of 36% for Week 3.

When the retention rate is 0%, it means that none of the users who listened to the podcast during the initial week continued to listen in the specified week. However, it's important to keep in mind that the chart only includes users of the Podbean app. This means that if a listener accesses the podcast through a different app or a web browser, their listening activity will not be included in the chart. As a result, it's possible that there are listeners who are engaging with the podcast, but they are not reflected in the chart.