Podbean’s patron program allows podcast fans to support their favorite podcasts financially (“become a patron”) with monthly pledges. 

Here is the catalog for the instruction. You can click the titles below to view the detailed information:

Submit your podcast feed

Create your patron page

Set up your payment method and get paid

Market your patron page

More options for patron

Submit your podcast feed to join the patron program.

For the podcasts hosted on Podbean, please go to patron.podbean.com, click on “get started” to submit your podcast feed.

Create the patron page.

There are mainly 3 steps to create a successful campaign.

  • Setup your patron profile

This is where you describe who you are, what your podcast is about and what you want potential patrons to know. Here are a few things to do:

    1. Add a tagline which is a call to action. 

    2. Set up your patron page URL, 

    3. Add an image/video to share your story in your own voice.

  • Set goals. 

Goals are funding levels you hope to reach and what you can do with the funding. Here are a few tips: 

1.Show patrons how money will be used.

2.Start with an obtainable goal, such as $100. 

3.Set multiple goals. 

  • Set Rewards. 

Rewards are monthly pledge amounts and the corresponding rewards you provide to your patrons at those levels.



    1. Start with a few low-level reward options, such as $1 and $5. 

    2. Be creative with your rewards. 

    3. Consider virtual rewards. 

Set up your payment method and get paid. 

We use Stripe for the entire payment and payout system, as they process payments to you directly/immediately. With Stripe, the money will be sent to your credit card immediately when a patron makes a pledge.

Market your patron page. 

Now your patron page is created successfully. It’s time to let your friends know about it. 


1. Mention your patron campaign in your episodes.

2. Place a crowdfunding badge on your site.

3. Share your campaign with your social media network.

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More options for patron.

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