To customize your podcast site, click the titles below to get more details:

Select a Podcast Site Theme

  1. Go to Distribution → Podcast Website to view different theme options.

  2. Hover over a pro theme and click “Larger View” to preview it.

  3. Click on “Activate” to apply to the theme to your podcast site.



Customize Your Podcast Theme

1. Go to "Distribution "->"Website".

2.  Click on the "Customize" button. You will see the different areas you can customize, such as header image, background image, site favicon and more.

3. Click on the option you wish to change.

4. Hit “Submit” to save the changes. 



Add Sidebar Widgets

1. Go to "Distribution "->"Podcast Website".

2. Click the “Sidebar Widgets” under the “Actions” tab.



3. Click on the “Add Sidebar Widget” button. Then check the available widgets to be added to the left/right sidebar.



4. Click the 'Setting' button to customize the widget.



Advanced Articles

To add a sidebar link at your podcast site, click here.

To customize the header image and background image of your Podbean site, click here.

To display podcast player above show notes, click here.