Embedding a Podcast on a Self-hosted WordPress site (Wordpress.org)

Self-hosted WordPress websites support the embeddable podcast player. Please follow the steps below to embed podcasts on self-hosted WordPress site.

1. Get the embed code

  • Click the“share” button under any podcast episode (or under the podcast logo for sharing the channel)

  • Toggle to “embed” to get embeddable player options. 

  • Copy the code


2. Embed the code on your WordPress site

  • Paste the code in your WordPress post 

  • Transform the code to “preformatted”

  • Publish the post

Embedding a Podcast on Wordpress.com

Wordpress.com doesn't support the embedded player. To embed a podcast on Wordpress.com, simply copy the file URL into the post. 

1. Get the file URL. Here is how to Get the URL of My Uploaded Files.

2. Copy and paste the file URL into your WordPress post.

3. Publish the podcast.


4. Here are samples of what the podcast episode will look like (audio and video) on a Wordpress.com blog.