1. Prepare your livestreaming equipment. 

Before your live show, you should prepare and test your equipment for livestreaming within your budget to make sure you can live stream with the best sound quality. We recommend you always use a headset or headphones and a microphone. Here is the live streaming equipment we recommended. Using your computer speakers will usually result in poor sound quality and an echo. You can set up an unlisted live stream to test out your equipment. 


2. Think of hot topics to cover and come up with a simple, catchy title.

Look at topics popular with your listeners or something timely. Give listeners a reason to want to tune in. Make sure potential listeners can quickly figure out your topic and why they’d want to listen from the title.

3. Make sure your logo and nickname in Podbean help your branding.

Create a recognizable nickname and upload a quality, clear logo to attract listeners.

(Read more about How to Change Your Profile Photo and Nickname)

4. Write an outline or topics.

Write an outline for your live show and have topics ready to discuss. You can be adaptable but plan what you will do so that you don’t have dead air.

5. Involve others.

Invite co-hosts and guests to make it lively. Get a special guest to join you that will really attract and interest your audience. 

6. Schedule your live show in advance (and consider scheduling at a regular time).

Think about best times based on where your listeners are, or ask them what they prefer.

7. Share your scheduled live stream on all your social media, on your podcast, etc. 

Ask your followers to help you get the word out too.

8. Test your audio. 

Use a microphone and headphones or headset. Be sure you have a good recording environment and internet connection. Remind callers that they should also use a headset to avoid echoing.

9. Think about the flow of the live show.

Consider integrating music and background effects to set the tone. Have fun with the show. Only live stream for as long as you have sufficient content to keep listeners engaged.

10. Engage your listeners. 

Encourage listener calls and comments. Ask listeners a question or for their opinion on a specific topic. Thank your top fans and those who share, listen to multiple shows, leave comments, or send gifts. Read comments on the show.


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