You can start livestreaming on the Podbean app in a few minutes by following these simple steps. (Please create your Podbean account first.)

1. Prepare for Your Livecast 

2. Start Livecast

3. Invite Co-hosts

4. Interact with Listeners 

5. Enable/Disable Listener Call-in

6. Add Admin/Block Listener

7. Add Audio Effects & Background Music

8. Share Livecast

9. End Livecast

1. Prepare for Your Livecast 

Before your live show, you should prepare and test your equipment for livestreaming within your budget to make sure you can live stream with the best sound quality. We recommend you always use a headset or headphones and a microphone.

You can also use Focusrite to live stream.

2. Start Livecast

Log into your Podbean account, tap the “+” icon-->Live Stream button. Enter your live show information, tap the Start Now button.

3. Invite Co-hosts

Input your co-hosts' email to invite your co-hosts. 

Note: You can also invite co-hosts in the live room by tapping the person icon.

4. Interact with Listeners

You can begin speaking using your mic, and send text messages/emojis to your listeners by taping the text icon. 

5. Enable/Disable Listener Call-in

Tap the three lines with mic icon-->tap the Allow call-in button to enable/disable listener call in. 

6. Add Admin/Block Listener

Tap the profile photo of your listener in the chat section-->tap the three dots icon, then add as admin or block the listener.

7. Add Audio Effects & Background Music

Tap the music icon-->tap the Effects button/Background Music button to add various audio effects/background music.

8. Share Livecast

Tap the Share icon to promote your live show on social media.

9. End Livecast

Tap the Exit icon-->tap the Yes button to end your live show. After you finish your live show, you can check the run time of your live show, your PodPoints earned, participants, and new followers.

Note: You can get your livestream recording on the My Recording page. It's recommended to get the recording on the web.