Spotify and Apple Podcasts now allow you to upload a trailer for your podcast.  Recording a podcast trailer can give potential new listeners a taste of what to expect from your episodes. These trailers are pinned to the top of your Apple Podcasts and Spotify pages.  

Here’s how to create and upload a podcast trailer.


1. Record your podcast trailer. Here are some points to consider when recording a podcast trailer. 

  1. Your trailer should be no longer two minutes. 

  2. Remember, this is your elevator pitch preview of your podcast, so consider what you want potential listeners to know about your podcast. 

  3. Your trailer should let new listeners know what to expect from your podcast and the topics you’ll be covering, as well as can highlight special events and interviews that you’ve had on your show. The trailer should generate interest and urge potential listeners to want to check out your show.

2. Once you’ve recorded your trailer, log into your Podbean account.  

3. On the left-hand column, click Publish.

4. At the top right corner, click the blue New Episode button.

5. Choose your MP3 file to upload. 

6. Type in a name and title for your podcast trailer.

7. Click the More Episode Settings button at the bottom of the Publish Episode window. Under iTunes/Episode type, select Trailer. 

8. Click Publish. Your episode is now live on Podbean. When your trailer pushes to Apple Podcasts and Spotify, the episode should be pinned to the top of your podcast’s page.