Co-hosts can join the live show by following three steps:

1. Receive Invitation

Invited co-hosts would receive an email such as the following example. They can follow the steps to join the live show. 

2. Download the Podbean App

Co-hosts can click the link on the invitation email to download the Podbean app, and then sign up for/log into a Podbean account.

3. Join the Live Show

After co-hosts sign up for/log into a Podbean account, they will either be taken to the live room or the scheduled live show page. 

• When the live show is on air

Co-hosts will enter the live room directly. They will be connected with the host automatically, their profile will be displayed on the call-in section. They can click the microphone icon to mute themselves, or click the green phone icon to hang up the call.

• When the live show is scheduled:

Co-hosts will see the scheduled live show information. They can click the bell icon to follow the host, then they will receive the notification when the live show is on air. They can click the notification to enter the live room.

Learn more about Inviting Co-hosts on the Web and Apps.