Your premium podcast income for the month will be processed in the month after next and then paid out on the 5th of that month (or following business day). For example, your October premium income will be paid on December 5th or the following business day. Please note that the minimum amount for payout is $20. To cash out your premium balance, go to the Premium menu-->Payout page to fill in your PayPal account information. 

Virtual Currency and Goods in Podbean Apps

On Podbean Apps, we offer virtual currency and goods, such as Golden Beans and Pod Points. Golden Beans will be used to purchase your premium podcast on the Podbean Apps.

Users can spend USD$1 to purchase 7 Golden Beans. 7 Golden Beans=50 PodPoints. Hosts can cash out these points to their Paypal account. 100 PodPoints are worth USD$1.